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Equipped with a lexicon not suitable for the ears of kids and  adults alike, host Jen Danczak sits down with guests for unfiltered, judgment free, profanity filled discussions of real life stories -- from relationships, sex, and other taboo topics to current events, sports and yes-- even the deep stuff. An open mind and dirty mouth are always encouraged, and all stereotypes are put aside during the all-inclusive conversations where no question is off the table and no burp is left unheard.


Let your hair down and the foul words fly! 


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Jen Danczak sits down with guest Shaunah to discuss all things (Unwo)Menstruation! From using pads vs. tampons, period panties, and bleeding in public... nothing is left off the table. Period.

ep. 9
the mile high club

Jen Danczak sits down with guest Steve, a "Mysteriously Anonymous Major Airline Pilot". Together they uncover what *really* goes on in airplane cockpits, if common stereotypes about pilots are actually true, and so much more.

ep. 8
the breakups episode

Jen Danczak sits down with guest Becca Wolfley to discuss BREAKUPS: the good, the bad, and the *very* ugly, in the most vulnerable episode yet. Have they ghosted people before? Have they been cheated on or been the cheater? Listen to find out!

EP. 7
Cleveland Rappin' & Reppin'

Childhood friend and Cleveland rapper NateyFresh (Nathan Worstell) sits down with Jen Danczak to discuss the music scene, the release of his latest album "Dirt Cobain," and they chat about the time they were on a reality television show together!

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ep. 6
Let's Talk SPORTS! 🏈

Jen Danczak chats with actor and NFL enthusiast, Chandler Moore about all things SPORTS! We discuss our love for football, the parallels between sports and the arts. We even give our own Super Bowl LV 2021 predictions! HUT.. HUT.. HIKE! 🏈  *burp*

ep. 5
the world of social media marketing

CEO of Nash Media Co. and actress, guest Cassidy Davis sits down with Jen Danczak to discuss social media marketing and the importance of having a presence online. Should you buy followers to increase your numbers on Instagram? 🤔 Listen to find out!

EP. 4

Comedy writer and fellow Midwesterner at heart, guest Becca Wolfley sits down with Jen Danczak to discuss the dating scene in LA versus the Midwest, the integration of dating apps in their lives, and a whole lotta sex.

EP. 3
The Relevant Elephants Rock LA

Originally hailing from Boston, guest Zack Hankins of "The Relevant Elephants" sits down with Jen Danczak to discuss the band's upbringing, their newest release 'Major Plastic Sabotage' and what it was like to release an album during the 2020 pandemic.

EP. 2 

Have you ever seen a ghost and you can't explain it? Jen Danczak sits down with guest Crystal Cuevas to discuss their paranormal experiences, their love for history, and what practicing witchery REALLY consists of.

EP. 1 
living in los angeles

Jen Danczak sits down with guest Michael Hill to discuss the differences between their hometowns to living in LA, celebrity encounters, and what they've learned about Los Angeles since moving to the city of Angels.





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